The Heart of Azeroth

This is not my first foray into Ulduar. I wonder if it will be my last. I somehow doubt it. The cold winds howl across, and we stand outside discussing strategy for even the first step into the dread prison is fraught with danger, and yet still open to the icy northern gusts. The snow cuts a path, felling those who did not dress for the temperatures of the Storm Peaks. Icicles cling to my cowl, and I listen carefully as a familiar plan is laid out by our current leader, a Hunter. He’s intelligent, making us stand out here. I’d rather be cold and unharmed than keeping my blood pumping by trying to plan a battle while it’s happening. The others are assembled, and keep warm by hugging themselves… though through small conversations we’ve had I know many of them would prefer to hug another as tightly in these unforgiving peaks.

The plan is explained, and we are ready. Too much longer and we will die. I momentarily recall a night spent under an overhang and smile, channeling the bilious intent which I felt at that particular moment. The Sons of Hodir prepared me well with their demands and their stubborn insistence on my participation in their frozen campaign. Forced ahead, we finally look down the long hallway into the darkness. We cannot see the bottom, but we make our way down anyway. It’s familiar territory, and upon entering we see that the battle still rages from our last visit. Tanks roll and fire and smoulder in heaps of wreckage, Demolishers lay in pieces and the riders of Choppers stain their vehicles in red and tatters of flesh and armor. In some spots there are even massive impact points where  nothing but slag remains.

The group we were sent to relieve stumbles, staggers, and limps up the walkway past us. We number ten. They number seven. A chilling, wordless warning of what lays down there. The fight is ours now, and we resign ourselves to it. We reach the bottom, are assigned to our vehicles…

It begins…

Erubadhron Valorbane


One Response to “The Heart of Azeroth”

  1. Lanuria Says:

    The ending of this actually made me feel scared for Eru’s group. I’m still in love with your writings.

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