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I had thought to pen in the results of choosing to go ahead with the spell, having put such things in motion. Instead, I find myself far removed from the confidence I usually associate myself with. I am surprised I had the wits to attend the Jousting Tournament this evening, for the events of the afternoon impress upon me in great distress. As it seems nobody else has recollection of the rather unique and extraordinary events which occured, I have chosen to make record of them so that I might one day find someone who shared a similar experience. It begins when…

((Setting: The Filthy Animal, early afternoon.))

Erubadhron waved farewell to the Troll who had been speaking with them about the properties of runes. It had all started when Lanuria Dawnblade had approached the Warlock with a tome of some sort, which had turned out to be her father’s journal. He had accepted it in interest, vaguely recalling that her family were spellcasters and that she was an oddity among them. It was no surprise to him then to see the vast amounts of writing that filled the pages. Not just memoirs were recorded… but locations were illustrated in painstaking style and lines upon lines of runes filled various pages. It had been then, as they discussed the rune-scribed spells in the book, that the Troll had come up. Erubadhron had been identifying one spell as being one of summoning, though he hadn’t been sure what would be the result of the spell. He had relayed such information to Lanuria. “…do you really think that’s what the spell is, Eru?” She had asked.

But something started… a faint crackle, as if a television had been left on a channel with no reception, the distracting sound of the snow so faint as to be almost inaudible. The sudden awareness of it had distracted the Warlock from answering, and he looked around slowly. It seemed Lanuria hadn’t heard it however, for her fresh face continued to focus on his own incessantly, waiting for a reply. He noticed that only one or two others seemed to be looking around as well. It would have been folly to ask if the Elf before him had heard the noise, for there was no sign she had. Instead, he resigned to answer her. “Yes. I do believe so.” She practically lit up, but the seconds were ticking by and the noise grew just a touch, almost imperceptibly, with each passing moment. A minute had passed, Lanuria absorbed in studying the runes before she looked up. “What’s that noise?” Erubadhron could not contain himself, and began looking around again. Orcs… Trolls… Tauren… Forsaken… and Elves. Many of them heard it across various races. “Some sort of Alliance gambit?” Erubadhron wondered aloud.

Both he and the Elven Ranger stepped from the tavern, and as they entered the main square of Dalaran they bore witness to various members of the Alliance in the same sort of befuddlement, looking about in confusion.

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By now, all the members of both factions could hear it. The Mages of the Kirin Tor were at a loss, and they peered around hopelessly as well. Erubadhron glanced up by chance, platinum ponytail bobbing as he craned his neck to spy the Violet Tower. An idea bubbled in his mind, and he strode powerfully while it was hot on his mind. “Lanuria! This way!” She looked around, as if certain she’d find something, but resigned herself to go along after a few seconds and easily caught up, for Erubadhron was not particularly tall and her longer legs made it a simple matter.

[SERVER] Restart in 05:00

The sound was loud. Aeroplanes could have been passing a half-mile overhead for all they knew, did they exist at the time. The balcony of the Violet Tower allowed them the ability to see the chaos that was brewing in the streets. Maddened by the sound, the menagerie of animals stabled at Dalaran had broken loose, unable to find the source of their audial anguish. Some caromed about, striking the walls of the buildings in the streets below. And yet they all heard it at the same undeniable pitch. Erubadhron was lost in the madness, eyes jumping from person to person as he surveyed. Where was it coming from? Who was doing this? Was it some sort of attack by the Lich King? It didn’t seem his style, but Erubadhron was lost for answers. He would have seen it on his own, but Lanuria bought him a few extra seconds by clamping her hand down on his shoulder. “There!” She pointed off into the distance.

[SERVER] Restart in 00:30

The sky was gone. Or at least, it ended the way the landscape did, at a wall of white. At first Erubadhron thought it was hovering there, but he could see at the fringes where the world touched the whiteness that it was breaking apart, and that the wall was clearly advancing at a rate of several dozen miles per hour. Flight was the first thing on his mind, but it was almost driven out by the deafening roar of static in his ears. He clamped his hands over them, watching Lanuria do so a half-second ahead of him. The confusion in their eyes was palpable, and they continued to stare at the wall. No… it would do him no good to run. Even were he to mount a fast enough flying creature and depart, where could he run to that this undeniable force would not follow? He stood there, watching the world fall apart into nothingness. He closed his eyes, and the static washed over him. He felt himself torn apart at a level he had never experienced with any sword or spell, and would have cried if he still had eyes. He could have clenched if he still had fingers. He could have screamed if he still had a throat.

“…do you really think that’s what the spell is, Eru?” The Warlock looked around in a daze. He stood inside the Filthy Animal before Lanuria Dawnblade, who looked at him in earnest interest for his answer. “Um…” Erubadhron blinked, opening and closing his mouth intermittently. “You okay?” Lanuria asked, and he could look at her. It was clear she didn’t remember. From the look of all those around him, nobody remembered. “Yes. I do believe so.” She lit up, as if ready to gush.

((The bottom of the eighth page, where Erubadhron Valorbane finishes penning the memory.))

–am certain it was not associated with the Old Gods. It was unlike their style, though I would not put it past their kind to perform such a trick. That it would only be done to me and at so considerable expense seems to defy that. I can only presume that it was a natural phenomenon, and wonder if perhaps there is just one… even one other out there who does recall what truly happened.

~Erubadhron Valorbane


One Response to “[SERVER] Restart in 15:00”

  1. Ah hahaha, wonderful, Eru!

    I loved the idea and you did write Lan well, but you’ve known her character for so long, I knew it wouldn’t be hard for you at all. Amazing work once again<3

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